Drum Horses

The Drum Horse is used in Britain to describe the horses that carry a rider and 2 silver kettledrums during certain Ceremonies of State. Size and Strength are required in the horses because the combined weight of the drums and rider can easily exceed 300 lbs. A quiet disposition is required because of the parade atmosphere they are required to perform in. Drum Horses have along and colorful history in the British military. Some of the earlier regiments documenting Drum Horses are the Royal Scots Greys (1678), the 6th Dragoon Guards and the 3rd Hussars (both 1685), the 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers (1689) and the 10th Royal Hussars and 9th Queen’s Lancers (both 1715). (from the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association) The Drum Horse is a larger Gypsy type of horse with an abundance of mane, tail and feather. Registered Drum Horses are pinto patterned including sabino, overo, tobiano or any combination.